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 Hello there.

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Dancing Cheshire
Dancing Cheshire

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Hello there. Empty
PostSubject: Hello there.   Hello there. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2009 1:45 am

Hello there, welcome to Wonderland.

I'm the Administrator of this forum, you can just call me Cheshire since my username is considerably long. I do usually prefer more Shounen animes. I'm not really into the fluffy stuff. But every so often I do come upon a Shojo I can appreciate. Such as Fruits Basket, which I do recommend to those of you who haven't read and/or watched it.

I am somewhat of a gamer. I'm not absolutely crazy about it, but if you hand me a remote I'll play it until you can pry it from my fingers. Haha. I like the more Fantasy/Adventure games. As well as most Racing games.

As new as it is right now, even though there isn't much to do just yet, I do hope that you will enjoy your time on this forum.

We're all otaku here.

~ Cheshire.

Hello there. Sig
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Hello there.
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