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 How it Works

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PostSubject: How it Works   How it Works I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 2:55 pm

Alright, so, as you may have discovered, this roleplaying board is not like most. For one, it's contained in one board: Plain and simple.

So for one, when you make an RP topic in this board, the title/subject should be as so:

*RP name**Accepting or Open**RP rating*

As for the RP name, I'm fairly sure this one speaks for itself. When you form an RP, you should come up with some type of name to go with it. And that will be the first thing in the topic's subject.

As for whether the RP is Accepting or Open. When you first post an RP, it should be set to accepting. This means that your RP will accept characters that other members post. By choice, if the RP owner does not want you to join their RP, then they have every right to NOT accept your character. Or perhaps you want to post an RP but you aren't accepting characters yet. That's fine too. As for setting your RP to Open. When you put that your RP is open, that means you are no longer accepting characters, and members can begin the roleplay. Unless another member is given permission to do so, only the creator of the RP can post the starting post. An RP can be both Open and Accepting. This means that you have enough characters to start the RP, but you are still accepting those that want to join. So, whether your RP is set to Accepting, Not Accepting, Open, or Open and Still Accepting, it will be said as second in the subject. Right next to the RP's title.

Concerning the RP rating. This is important. You MUST set a rating your RP. Like a movie or a video game. G/PG/PG-13/T/OT/M all of those and others. This will be third in the RP's subject.

Roleplay Format:



[Character Sheet Format]

This can be altered in any way. It's not that important, it's just to give you the basic idea.

As for Character Sheets. Character Sheets are how you tell the RP creator everything about your character so he/she can either accept or decline them.

Here is a basic Character Sheet:

Username: [The member's username would go here.]
Name: [The character's name would go here.]
Age: [The character's age would go here.]
Gender: [The character's gender would go here. Male/Female.]
Personality: [The character's personality would go here.]
Appearance: [The character's appearance would go here. A picture can be used.]
History: [The character history would go here.]
Other: [Aboslutely anything can go here.]

This can be altered in any way to fit your RP. Or you could form your own Character Sheet. This is only here as an example for the basic idea of a Character Sheet.

And that's about all you should know for now. Please read the Rules before you post new RPs.

Other Admins feel free to alter/add things to this post. Click the 'Edit' button.

This is now open for discussion and questions.

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How it Works
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