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 Fan Fiction Rules.

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Fan Fiction Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Fan Fiction Rules.   Fan Fiction Rules. I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 2:18 am

Fan Fiction Rules.


+ Do not post a Fan Fiction if it is not yours. It's wrong to claim others' work as your own and it generally gets you nowhere.

+ Nothing M-rated. If I think you're going too far I'll inform you of it.

+ Don't post a million fan fics. 3-4 per person.

+ Do not make fun of one another's writing capabilities. We all have our faults, but when someone puts their all into a story don't post rude and unfair comments. Constructive criticism is ONLY permitted if the author of the fan fic states that he/she does not mind. Otherwise, don't do it.

+ Do not revive dead fan fics. The only one who has the authority to do so is the author themself, and only if they intend to update it.

+ Yaoi/Yuri. This is a delicate subject. It is allowed in the Fan Fics. But there is a line. Do NOT cross it. You will get 1 warning, and then you will temporarily be banned from the Fan Fiction board until further notice.


Enjoy. And if you don't understand the rules/Have a question/Feel I left something important out, then PM me, do not post your concerns here.
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Fan Fiction Rules.
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