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 The Rules. [Update: New Rules on June 12]

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Dancing Cheshire
Dancing Cheshire

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PostSubject: The Rules. [Update: New Rules on June 12]   Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:59 am

Law of the Forum.

These are the rules. Heed them well.

1. Nothing Inapropriate.

+ This goes for anything. I don't want to see anything such as 'hentai'. Not a thread. Not an image. Keep the forum clean of anything as such. If I see it, you're out.

2. Keep the swearing down.

+ They're words. Not a language in themself. Use them sparingly. You get 1-2 warning(s).

3. Do NOT impersonate an Admin or a Mod.

4. Obey the moderators.

+ Moderators are here to keep the peace and enforce the Rules. They have every right to inform you if you happen to be breaking one. Listen to them, if you refuse to do so, or go so far as to bad-mouth one, an Admin will be informed and the situation will be handled.

5. No illegal downloading of episodes! No discussing it either.

+ Anyone who is even caught discussing where or how to download episodes or the viewing of illegal episodes of any anime will be immediatly banned for a certain amount of time and/or permanently. That means direct links on websites, youtube, putfile, IRC and torrents. This is THE most important rule. Follow it, or insta-ban. It's very serious.

6. No Chatspeak and Use Proper Grammar.

+ I don't want to see 'lol's or 'hi how r u 2day?'s all over the forum. If you're gonna use text speak, keep it in the PMs. In the boards use proper grammar and punctuation. I can understand if English is not your first language, but use it as well as you can.

+ No capslock. Or excessive punctuation marks. Or overuse of emoticons.

7. No spamming.

+ Not on the boards, in the threads, or even the PM system.

8. Do not harrass other members.

+ Do not harrass other members for any reason. This includes personal information.

+ Matter of fact, do not leak your personal information in the boards. If you want to tell all your little secrets do it in the PMs.

9. No bashing.

+ Do NOT bash other animes, licensors, TV shows, video games-nothing. Constructive criticism on dubbing is allowed.

10. English only.

+ Do not speak any other language on the forum. It can lead to confusion and chaos.

11. Avatar and Signature size.

+ Avatars.

- Avatars need to be kept at 100x100. You can go smaller, but any bigger is not permitted.

+ Signatures.

- Signatures need to be kept at 400x200. You can go smaller, but any bigger is not permitted.

12. Do not double post.

+ If you find you have something else to say, in the top right corner of your post should be an 'Edit' button. Modify your posts and add something you may have forgotten. Do NOT double post. It floods the boards.

13. One account per person.

+ No trolls.

+ No clone accounts. Each person is permitted one and only one.

A notification will be provided in the thread title if the rules are ever updated. If they ever are, it is recommended that you read them carefully as you hopefully did these. Rule-breaking will not go without consequence. It won't be kept too strict, but it is important that they are followed.

If you have ANY questions about the Rules, or are uncertain of one, PM me directly. Please do not post your questions on this board, flooding is unnecessary. PM me your question(s), and I will get back to you as soon as I can. The wait should never be too long. If I am away, a Mod can surely assist you.

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Dancing Cheshire
Dancing Cheshire

Posts : 42
Join date : 2009-06-02
Location : Shadow's Pawn Shop

PostSubject: Re: The Rules. [Update: New Rules on June 12]   Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:04 pm

Concerning the past week or so, new rules have been decided to add:

#14. When posting multiple images larger than 400x300, post them as links.

#15. NEVER post an entire web page. Either post a link, or type out the information yourself.

The reason behind the addition of the two above rules, is that things such as this slow down the forum. Maybe for some not as much as others, but it still slows it down for everyone on some degree.

#16. Do not post multiple threads involving the same subject. If you have more to say about that subject, say it in the first thread.

If these three Rules are not followed, your post(s)/topic(s)/thread(s) will be edited.

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The Rules. [Update: New Rules on June 12]
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